filmfEUSt Media

filmfEUSt is the annual film competition between Engineering departments during the E-week.
Here you can find FIZZ entries to previous filmfEUSt competitions.

2011 filmfEUSt entry
Mythbusters with Fizzers!

2010 filmfEUSt winner
"Natural World: The Fizzer"
A documentary of the Fizzer.

2010 filmfEUSt entry
"The Fizzer Strikes Back"
Sequel to "A Fizzer's Failure" from previous year. Filmed and edited in less than 3 hours.

2009 filmfEUSt entry
"A Fizzer's Failure At Finding A Female"
Filmed and edited in a single day for the 2009 UBC Engineering E-Week FilmfEUSt competition.

2008 filmfEUSt winner

A Tribute to Eng. Phys.

a music video about engineering physics. 
Song written and performed by: Mike Kang
Starring: Davey Mitchell
Directed by Tim Leaver, Davey Mitchell, Matt Lam and Colin Janssen
Filmed and Edited by: Colin Janssen

2007 FilmfEUSt winner
'geer eye for the arts guy
"It's an art student's lucky day as Engineering Physics (Fizz) teaches him the true ways of an Engineer."

2006 FilmfEUSt winner
A Day in the Life of a Fizzer

1990 FilmfEUSt winner
Death by Fizz

Part 1

Part 2