Grad School Info Night

The Graduate School Info Night is a near annual event that we organize to inform Engineering and Science students on various aspects of Graduate School, including:
  • Why go to grad school
  • Research opportunities
  • How to pay for it
  • Applying
  • Canada, US, and the World
The format of the evening generally consists of several speakers who will speak on particular topics above, as well as a Q&A panel composed of current/future graduate students.

Graduate School Information Night

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Dr. Andre Marziali                  UBC Department of Physics and Astronomy                        (10 minutes)

Director of Engineering Physics

             Graduate school and the Fizz perspective


Ms. Jenny Phelps                    UBC Faculty of Graduate Studies                                         (20+ minutes)

Assistant Dean, Student Administration and Strategic Initiatives

             Grad School at UBCwhat's offered, how do I apply, and how do I pay for it?


Dr. Marcel Franz                     UBC Department of Physics and Astronomy                        (15 minutes)

Graduate Program Director and Advisor

             UBC Physics and Astronomy grad schoolapplications, finances, and why physics?


Dr. Steven Rogak                    UBC Department of Mechanical Engineering                        (15 minutes)

Graduate Program Advisor

             UBC Mechanical Engineering grad schoolapplications, finances, and why mechanical?


Mr. Philip Edgcumbe              UBC M.D./Ph. D.                                                                   (30 minutes)

Mr. Jacob Bayless                   Incoming MIT graduate student

Mr. Jason Radel                      UBC PHAS graduate student

             Student Discussion and Roundtable


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