Frequently Asked Questions

This page is a quick reference guide that answers some commonly asked questions.  It will expand over time. 

Have any unanswered questions? Send a question to the President or submit a query in the General Feedback!


What is Engineering Physics?

Engineering Physics is a 5 year multidisciplinary program at UBC taken through the Faculty of Applied Science. It involves numerous courses in Math, Physics, and various branches of Engineering. Students enter the program in their second year, and specialize in their third year in either Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, or Computer Engineering. Engineering Physics, also known as "Fizz", has a reputation as being the most academically challenging program at UBC, but graduates from it reap the benefits of their hard-earned work by obtaining coveted jobs within the high-tech industry, or by continuing their education in Graduate School. For more information about the program, please visit the website here.

What is the Engineering Physics Student Association?

The Engineering Physics Student Association is an organization which represents the interests of all students to the faculty, the industry, and to the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS). Led by a group of dedicated students, we serve to build a strong academic and social community, through various events such as Lecture Series, Chess Tournaments, Beer Gardens, LAN Parties, and Poker Nights, among many others. Additionally, we offer multiple services such a mentoring program, first-year tutoring, clothing, sports, and a comprehensive course directory. Browse this website to learn more about us!

What is the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS)?

The EUS, or Engineering Undergraduate Society, is a student society comprised entirely of students in the UBC Engineering Program. The mission of the EUS is to support the academic, professional, and social needs of UBC Engineering students, encourage excellence in all aspects of student life while at university, and celebrate the accomplishments of its members. From decorating Red jackets with a wide array of patches, to offering tutoring services, to caroling around campus on the last day of classes, to STUdeNT projects, the EUS has many traditions and services to partake in. For more information about the EUS, as well as information on how to volunteer, check out their website.


What is the Penthouse?

The Penthouse is the clubroom for all Fizzers, located on the 6th floor of Hebb Building. There, one will find plenty of study space, several couches, a vending machine, computers, a printer, and other amenities.

How do I access the Penthouse?

The code to the Penthouse will be changed monthly. When it is changed, the new code will be included in a fizz weekly email.

Can I use a locker in the Penthouse?

Yes! The lockers are available on a term-by-term basis, first-come first-served. They cost $5 per term. If you would like one, please contact the Penthouse Manager.

Can I get keys to the Hebb building?

Keys to the building can only be obtained on special permission from the department. Valid reasons may include: Fizz Exec member, Usage of the EPL space for Student Teams, and 4th/5th year Project Lab courses. If you meet any of these conditions, and would like a Hebb Key, please contact the President first.

What is the Fizz Mentoring Program?

The Fizz Mentoring program pairs upper-year Fizz students with 2nd year Fizz students, so questions can be asked, experiences can be shared, and friendships can be built. It's a great opportunity to get to know someone new in Fizz, and to learn more about the program. For more information, contact the VP Academic.

Where can I find old midterms and final exams?

  • The Fizz Course Directory
  • The AMS Exam Database
  • Your Instructor
  • Upper Year Students
  • UBC Math Club (math exam packages)
  • Brock Hall

I want to send an email out to Fizzers. How do I access the mailing lists?

The Fizz executive has mailing lists with everyone in every year of study, that has signed up to be on the mailing list. If you would like to email your year, contact your Year Rep, and if you would like to contact all of Fizz, contact the President.

If you are not on the mailing list, but would like to be, contact the Computer Overlord with your name, email, and year of study.

Fizz Exec

What is the Fizz Exec?

We are the executives of the Departmental-level Student Association for the Engineering Physics Program.

Where does the Fizz Exec get its funding from?

We have several sources of funding with which we organize our events:
  • The Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS) gives us $4/year for each Engineering Physics student. This comes out of the "Undergrad Society Fee" of $57 that each Engineering student pays as part of the Student Fees package.
  • The Professional Activities Fund (PAF) generally provides some assistance with organizing the following events: Seminar Series, Graduate School Info Night, and Social Night. We have to apply for this funding each Fall.
  • The Food and Beverages Sales from the Penthouse
  • Profitable Enterprises like Fizz Tutoring (Physics 153 and Physics 170 Exam Preparation Sessions) and the Career Fair

How can I become part of the Fizz Exec?

There are two types of positions on the Fizz Executive: Executive and Ex-Officio. Executive positions have voting privileges, and must be elected. Ex-Officio positions do not have voting power, but can be appointed to the position by the rest of the executive. Elections for all executive positions on the Fizz Exec are run in March of each year. If you do not want a particular position, but still want to help, please contact the President. They are always most welcome!