Fizz Elections

Below are the nominees for each position for the 2018 Fizz Elections, as well as any blurb written by the candidates.


Andrew Cote

I've been actively involved in Fizz Council throughout my degree, and I'd like to serve as President to help the Fizz community thrive in my final year. My past positions: 2nd year Representative, Penthouse Manager, VP Academic, and Board of Studies rep. In the past I’ve enjoyed doing things I thought would benefit the Fizz community – painting the old Penthouse, fixing up the vending machine, securing the Penthouse against further break-ins, and helping Andre re-structure the communication component of ENPH 253. My main goal for next year is to help develop more relationships between Fizzers and Alumni/Industry to connect current Fizzers with people in the companies and grad schools they aspire to.

Justin Kang

I am running for Fizz President because I want to do my part to ensure that all Engineering Physics Students feel a sense of community and belonging at UBC. Fizz is a long and arduous journey, but with the support of the community, it can be a truly enjoyable experience. I have several years of experience with Fizz council, so you can rest assured that I would be a great fit.

These things get long, and who has time to read? Since you're in Eng Phys, probably not you. But fear not, I've broken down my key running points for Fizz President here:

  • More Ice Cream Sandwiches 
  • Cutting unnecessary costs in existing events and unsuccessful programs (I know a lot about this from my role as treasurer), and focusing those extra funds on things useful to you
  • Continuing to host the social events Fizz council does each term, increasing them in number and size
  • Improving inter-department relations, allowing us to host more events like "Fire and Ice"
  • Improving the new Penthouse in the Old Sub in ways that can be transferred to the new Penthouse in Hebb when complete
  • Improving programs for second years to promote mentorship from upper year students

Don’t forget to vote! I look forward to hopefully having the opportunity to be your next Fizz President.

Shiny Pearl

VP Events

Sydney Seraphim and Tiffany Quon

We brought you events this year and we'd like to bring you more events next year. From parties to Fizz Talks, we'd love to keep planning things for the rest of Fizz—and with more experience with booking procedures, etc, we hope to do even better this time!

Shiny Pearl

VP Academic

Esther Lin and Daniel Schultz

Shiny Pearl


Je$$ica Ma

Hello, I’m Jessica and I’m a second year weyo. I’ve been Treasurer for a fair number of things (student run non-profits, fake JA companies) because I’m a real tryhard. I’ve been the Treasurer for the UBC Astronomy Club for the past year which is **pretty relevant** because I’m already familiar with the AMS system, what with all the emails, forms and grants etc. Money is life and I will respect and love our money because it’s the only thing that makes me happy. ding dong.

Shiny Pearl

Board of Studies Representative

Shiny Pearl

Penthouse Manager

Michael Miller

I have a unique relationship with the penthouse and have spent a good portion of my time there the last couple of semesters. I’ve had a front row seat to observe what works and what doesn’t as penthouse manager. I think the ice cream sandwiches were an important part of our culture and would hold myself responsible for supplying those. I will make sure to take a more… diplomatic approach to interacting with the staff in charge of maintaining our space. I want to make sure the penthouse is a space where all fizzers feel comfortable.

Ryan Schmidt

Most importantly I promise to bring back the ice cream sandwiches. I will be in 5th year next year so I will be here both terms. 
In the past couple years I have been Involved with keeping the foozball table in shape as well as helping with the move out of Hebb.
I will do my best to make this new space more of a home for us.

Shiny Pearl

Sports Representative

Chris Wilson

Fizz has had a solid year in sporting events, getting second in Football and Ultimate, third in dodgeball and breaking the eball soccer ball before mining could beat us. Next year I hope to bring back the ultimate trophy to Fizz.

Maria Sottile

Playing sports together is an important aspect of the Fizz community. I want to ensure the continuing success of our current REC teams as well as recruit incoming second years and see what interest there is in joining additional leagues. Competing as a department in REC events and EUS tournaments is also a focus.

I’ve been playing sports since I was old enough to run and playing on REC teams since coming to UBC. This past year as AOE fundraising chair, I had plenty of practice organizing teams of people. I look forward to being your Sports Rep next year.

Shiny Pearl

IT Manager

Shiny Pearl

E-Week Rep

Coleman Kaps

Building upon our 4th place E-week finish in 2017 and this years 3rd place finish,  Toren and Myself intend to propel the fizzers into first. Both Toren and Myself were heavily involved in both this year and last year’s E-weeks and I believe we were both instrumental in acquiring a podium position. Our plan to win includes early planning and bringing the rowdiest  group of fizzers engineering has ever seen.  I know this group of fizzers is more than capable of winning, with the great showing from the third and fourth years this year and the awesome potential of the second years, I know under our leadership we will win the most coveted title engineering has to offer. Let’s make Andre proud and show everyone we are more than just the smartest engineers we are also the best in every way

-Coleman “The Lemon” Kaps

Shiny Pearl

Third Year Representative

Jeremy Voldeng and Nicolas Navarre

Why do we represent our 3rd year community?

Well I’m glad you asked... To put it quite simply it is be cause we care.

What do we care about? 

Let us make a list:


- Physics

- Math

- Chegg

- Cheggers

- Keggers

- Andre


But most importantly...

- The People


We are here for the people, and the people only. Which is why we will continue to offer all sorts of support for our class.
- Free Chegg account

- Study sessions

- Not one, but TWO friends to talk to and complain about things to


Oh, and also we plan on turning up for you guys. We realized that life is more fun when you're having fun, so we’ll be bringing more of that for you guys in the form of parties! Stay tuned.


<3 Nic + Jer

Fourth Year Representative

Esther Lin

I'd like to run because I like ensuring that my year is getting its voice heard, and making a difference behind the scenes is nice. As third year rep, I acquired a new outlook on democracy, and I'd really like to continue being a part of it.

Shiny Pearl

Grad Representative

Ryan Cotsakis

Space X Left Rocket

I am the superior rocket. Left rocket forever

Candidates Running For Multiple Positions

Shiny Pearl

Hello most of you are probably familiar with me from UBC confessions, my name is Shiny Pearl, my agenda is Make Fizz Greater Again, and I need your vote to make our already great program into an even greater one!!!