Fizz Elections

Below are the nominees for each position for the 2017 Fizz Elections, as well as any blurb written by the candidates.


Matt Ward

I believe that I am qualified for this position because of my previous exec experience as fourth year rep, as I have been an active participant in exec discussions
and have helped out with events. I want to ensure that Eng Phys students have the opportunity to make the most of their degree, by addressing academic concerns as they appear, promoting professional development events, and through Fizz events so that you can take an evening off every once in a while, relax, and have some fun.
I believe that I can put the hours in that this role requires to do it well and represent Fizz at EUS Council, the Faculty of Applied Science, and PHAS.
Exec has been a fun experience for me this past year, and I would like to take on a bigger role in giving back to this crazy, amazing program.

Arjun Venkatesh

Ice cream sandwiches will be free if you vote for me.

VP Events

Sydney Seraphim and Tiffany Quon

Our names are Tiffany and Sydney, and we want to help organize your events next year! We think that events are a great way to bring the fizz community together, so we want to make sure that there are lots of fun and versatile events that everyone can enjoy. We're both going into third year, so we'll be around on campus all year instead of being away on co-op. We also have experience with planning and organizing various events. Feel free to contact either one of us if you have any questions, ideas for events, or even just to say hi!

VP Academic

Matt Hill and Toren Dofher

Matt: I believe I am a good candidate for this position because I am passionate about tutoring and will gladly go the extra mile to ensure Fizz tutoring sessions will turn a profit for Fizz and helps first year students succeed on their exams.
I have put a considerable amount of effort to ensure the packages contain a copious amount of applicable problems for each subject and will often use problems that combine concepts from multiple parts of the course, or introduce new concepts. 

Furthermore, since becoming VP Academic, I have added courses to Fizz tutoring such as Math 100, Math 101, Math 152, APSC 160 = more $$$ for Fizz and happier first years students!

Toren: For the past two years I have been actively involved in student government. As First Year Vice President and then as Fizz Second Year and E-Week Rep I coordinated the department E-Week Teams, placing third and then winning the E-Week Spirit Award for the great participation of Engineering Physics. Also as the current EUS Council Speaker I have a strong understanding of student government and EUS policy. By understanding the EUS I can better execute my vision for the Fizz VP Academic portfolio.

One new plan that I want to look into:

A new EUS policy makes professional development funding available to clubs; I intend to propose a targeted event for students interested in high tech industry to make use of this funding.

I also want to do a consultation to see which companies and industries students would like to see represented in a technical career fair.


Justin Kang

Who has time to read? Since you're in Eng Phys, probably not you. But fear not, I've broken down my key running points here:
  • I will be more fiscally responsible than a Sauder student. 
  • I will ensure that Fizz events are financed and run like a well designed (hopefully by an Engineering Physics grad) machine
  • I will make sure we're all wearing the swaggiest Fizz clothing
  • I will ensure that our fund's get put to good use

I want to do my part to ensure that all Engineering Physics Students feel a sense of community and belonging at UBC by running for the role of Fizz Treasurer. Engineering Physics is a long and arduous journey, but with the support of fellows students and the Fizz council, it can be a truly enjoyable experience. 

I have experience with this position in the past so you can rest assured that I would be a great fit. The experience have taught me that there truly is no substitute for putting in the hours of hard work. I will use the skills I've developed to be the best treasurer any Fizz council has ever seen. Not only will I crunch the numbers, but I will make sure that every awesome event hosted by Fizz this year will be fully funded, so everyone can have a great time (when you take a break from studying, of course).

So please don't forget to vote! I look forward to hopefully having the opportunity to be your Treasurer.

Board of Studies Representative

Akshiv Bansal (first term) and Andrew Cote (second term)

No blurb submitted.

Penthouse Manager

No nominee yet!

Sports Representative

Chris Wilson

My first course of action as Sports Rep will be to pursue to extend Fizz's reign in Ultimate and go for the threepeat. I have experience on council this year as second year representative where I helped the current sports rep put together our team for the EUS Flag Football Tournament in which we beat MECH.

IT Manager

Bryden Fogelman and Akshiv Bansal

Make the fizz website great again. We will be assembling a team to rebuild the website from the ground up.

Grad Representative

Bryden Fogelman and Candice Ip

Our campaign is simple. We'll clean the freezer and refill it with ice cream sandwiches.

Fourth Year Representative

Ryan Cotsakis

I'd like to run because I like ensuring that my year is getting its voice heard, and making a difference behind the scenes is nice. As third year rep, I acquired a new outlook on democracy, and I'd really like to continue being a part of it.

Third Year Representative

Esther Lin

3rd year is going to be a challenge, and I want to make it as enjoyable as possible for our class. Having had success in identifying and communicating student concerns towards professors about deadlines, additional practice sets, and regrades, I will be able to effectively integrate your suggestions to create a larger impact. In addition, I have two semesters of experience in organizing workshops and planning activities from design team. I can use these abilities to make sure your event preferences are implemented and to maintain an active voice for our class on the council. 3rd year may seem daunting, but I will strive to negotiate for benefits and chances for us to catch our breaths!