Fizz Elections

Below are the nominees for each position for the 2015 Fizz Elections, as well as any blurb written by the candidates.

Presidential Nominee

Akshiv Bansal

I believe I am qualifies for the position, based on several factors enumerated below:
1) I have two years of experience on Fizz council, where I have played an active role in shaping what the club does, and what project it takes on.
2) Having acted as a Liaison to SAC this last year as treasurer I understand the procedures and expectation of both an AMS club and a EUS department club
3) I have experience with the majority of the clubs activities and events, and I understand our role with respect to the Depart of Engineering Physics and its students.

VP Events

Bryden Fogelman, Candice Ip, Doug Matthews, Megan Thomsen Co-Running

These candidates have not submitted a blurb.

VP Academic

Andrew Cote, Mat Hill Co-Running

These candidates have not submitted a blurb.


Justin Kang

Who has time to read? Since you're in Eng Phys, probably not you. But fear not, I've broken down my key running points here:

- I will be more fiscally responsible than a Sauder student.
- I will ensure that Fizz events are financed and run like a well designed (hopefully by an Engineering Physics grad) machine
- I will guarantee that no power-hungry Fizz executives commit fraud ( by ensuring absolute transparency in our funding.
- If they do, I'll make sure they get a 150 year prison sentence
- I will make sure we're all wearing the swaggiest Fizz clothing
- I will ensure that our fund's get put to good use

I want to do my part to ensure that all Engineering Physics Students feel a sense of community and belonging at UBC by running for the role of Fizz Treasurer. Engineering Physics is a long and arduous journey, but with the support of fellows students and the Fizz council, it can be a truly enjoyable experience.

I have experience in student government, as Students Council President and Valedictorian in high school as well as PP Council Treasurer and EUS Iron Pin Director. Thee experiences have taught me that there truly is no substitute for putting in the hours of hard work. I will use the skills I've developed to be the best treasurer any Fizz council has ever seen. Not only will I crunch the numbers, but I will make sure that every awesome event hosted by Fizz this year will be fully funded, so everyone can have a great time (when you take a break from studying, of course).

So please don't forget to vote! I look forward to hopefully having the opportunity to be your next Treasurer.

Board of Studies Representative

Sharada Balaji

I've been on exec through every year of my fizz life so far, and want to finish on it too! This past year, as President, I also took part in the Board of Studies duties so I've already got some experience in the role (running beef and pizza, midterm evaluations and attending the board of studies meeting). Also I just want to be on exec one last time, it's so much fun, pls elect.

Penthouse Manager

Andrew Cote, Mat Hill Co-Running

Matt and I have invested a number of hours into painting the penthouse, and re-arranging furniture. Also in doing muscle-work of taking old furniture out, and putting new furniture in. Currently I help Theoren go to Costco and am generally involved with the penthouse, since next year I'll be on co-op for Jan-Apr I'm nominating Matt to be co-phouse manager.

Sports Representative

Ben Mattison

I think I'd be good for the role because of my current participation in UBC REC and my willingness to give back. Having been on 3-4 REC teams (captain of one) every semester that I've been at UBC as well as participating in their events (Longboat, Storm) I know the REC rules in and out (registration policy, deadlines, etc). I am confident I would be helpful to anyone organizing and signing up Fizz teams. I have never been on exec before but since I'm going into my final year I'd also love to give back and help increase Fizz's sports participation in both REC and EUS tournaments. In the fall we won the inaugural EUS ultimate frisbee tournament and it felt great to represent Fizz and beat the other departments! That's the spirit I'd like to bring to exec.

IT Manager

Bryden Fogelman

I'd like to nominate myself for the IT manager position. Below is my platform (I'm not sure what I'm supposed to write here).

- modernize the fizz council to use technology from this millennium (slack, trello)
- transform the fizz website so it can finally feel good about the way it looks
- mad elo scriptz for fooz
- create wiki for council to support role transition and new member onboarding
- make emails cool again

Grad Representative

Blaine Huynh

This candidate has not submitted a blurb.

Fourth Year Representative

Matt Ward

This candidate has not submitted a blurb.

Third Year Representative

Daniel Chawla

This candidate has not submitted a blurb.