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The objective of this directory is to make available various resources for every course that Fizzers will take during their undergraduate degree. Within each sub-page, you may find complete course notes, past midterms, past finals, past assignments, formula sheets, and other relevant items. You may find that some courses do not have an abundance of material yet. Check back regularly, as your hard-working Fizz Exec is continually updating this directory!

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CourseName of CourseYear TakenType of CourseElectrical OptionComputer OptionMechanical OptionMechatronics Option
CourseName of CourseYear TakenType of CourseElectrical OptionComputer OptionMechanical OptionMechatronics Option
 MECH 484 Option     
APSC 151 Computer-Aided Engineering Graphics Option     
APSC 201 Technical Communcation Core     
APSC 278 Engineering Materials Core     
APSC 279 Engineering Materials Laboratory Core     
APSC 450 Professional Engineering Practice Core     
APSC 459 Engineering Physics Project I Core     
APSC 479 Engineering Physics Project II Core     
CPSC 213 Introduction to Computer Systems Option     
CPSC 260 Object-Oriented Programming Core     
CPSC 313 Computer Hardware and Operating Systems Option     
CPSC 320 Intermediate Algorithm Design and Analysis Option     
EECE 251 Circuit Analysis I Core     
EECE 253 Circuit Analysis II Core     
EECE 310 Software Engineering Option     
EECE 320 Discrete Structures and Algorithms Option     
EECE 353 Digital Systems Design  Technical Elective     
EECE 355 Digital Systems and Microcomputers Option     
EECE 356 Electronic Circuits II Option     
EECE 359 Signals and Communications Option     
EECE 360 Systems and Control Option     
EECE 363 Electronic Circuits for Electromech. Design Option     
EECE 374 Electronics and Electromechanics Option     
EECE 450 Economic Analysis of Engineering Projects Option     
EECE 453 Communication Systems Option     
EECE 454 Digital Communications  Technical Elective     
EECE 485 Digital Instrumentation for Mechanical Systems Option     
EECE 487 Introduction to Robotics  Technical Elective     
MATH 217 Multivariable and Vector Calculus Core     
MATH 255 Ordinary Differential Equations Core     
MATH 257 Partial Differential Equations Core     
MATH 300 Introduction to Complex Variables Core     
MATH 301 Applied Analysis Core     
MATH 307 Applied Linear Algebra Core     
MATH 318 Probability With Physical Applications Core     
MATH 400 Applications of Partial Differential Equations Core     
MECH 260 Mechanics of Materials Core     
MECH 280 Introduction to Fluid Mechanics Core     
MECH 325 Mechanical Design I Option     
MECH 326 Mechanical Design II Option     
MECH 327 Thermal System Design Option     
MECH 360 Mechanics of Materials II Option     
MECH 364 Mechanical Vibrations Option     
MECH 366 Modeling of Mechatronic Systems Option     
MECH 375 Heat Transfer I Option     
MECH 420 Sensors and Actuators Option     
MECH 422 Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems Option     
MECH 431 Engineering Economics Option     
MECH 466 Automatic Control Option     
MECH 484 Aerodynamics of Aircraft Design Option     
MTRL 478 Electronic Materials Option     
PHYS 250 Modern Physics Core     
PHYS 253 Introduction to Instrument Design Core     
PHYS 257 Thermodynamics Core     
PHYS 259 Laboratory Techniques I Core     
PHYS 270 Mechanics II Core     
PHYS 301 Electric and Magnetic Fields Core     
PHYS 304 Quantum Mechanics Core     
PHYS 305 Introduction to Biophysics  Technical Elective     
PHYS 350 Classical Mechanics Core     
PHYS 352 Laboratory Techniques II Core     
PHYS 401 Applied Electromagnetic Theory Core     
PHYS 403 Statistical Mechanics Core     
PHYS 407 General Relativity  Technical Elective     
PHYS 408 Applied Optics Core     
PHYS 410 Computational Physics Core (Optional)     
PHYS 473 Applied Nuclear Physics Core (Optional)     
PHYS 474 Applied Solid State Physics Core (Optional)     
STAT 251 Elementary Statistics Core (in place of MATH318)     
Showing 69 items