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2nd Year Fizz Mentoring

Navigating blindly through Fizz on your own can be quite an undertaking, and so this is a chance to get to know someone who has already been through what you're going to experience this year, and find out how you might be able to avoid some of the mistakes that they made.

The Engineering Physics Student Association provides a mentoring program for new Engineering Physics students, starting in September each year.  New Fizz students are paired with upper-year Fizz students so that they can exchange emails or phone calls about the range of questions new Fizzers have and meet-up for more discussion if desired. This requires almost no time commitment on the part of the new students; they can contact their mentor as much as needed.

A kick-off lunch is held early in the term so that mentors and mentees can meet in person.  This also serves as a place for new students to meet some upper-year students other than their mentor.  Some of the common questions that new Fizzers may have will also be discussed.  After the kick-off lunch, it's up to the mentor and mentee to remain in contact for the rest of the term.

If you would like more information about the Mentoring Program, please contact the VP Academic.