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Hey Fizz!

Here's the list of the nominees for each position on Fizz Exec. I encourage you to take some time to read through relevant positions and make the best choice for yourself and the rest of Fizz!

Graduate Representative

Francis McGee

As 4th year rep I helped implement new security features for the penthouse, and raised student concerns at the executive level. As grad rep, I will continue to advocate for enhanced internet access in the penthouse, while working with other members of the fizz exec to address the concerns of graduating fizzers.


Third Year Representative

Emma Fajeau

As a communicative, accessible and reliable fizzer, I would like to find out how the exec can improve your fizz experience and make sure you are aware of what's going on. I have experience organizing and promoting events as part of my residence council and hope to  make next year fun and rewarding!


Will Hansen

I am the best suited candidate for class representative because I already have experience in the position, knowledge of the system, and an ego fit for a leader.  Where there's a Will, there's a way.  A VOTE FOR ME IS A VOTE FOR SUCCESS!      (>'')b



Martin Ho

I'm running Fizz Treasurer as the incumbent, I've been involved with Fizz Exec every year (to my memory?) and having already done it, I know my way around the workflow that the AMS uses for their reimbursements. Goals for the year are to:

-Add a reimbursement claim form for reimbursements to ubcfizz.com to streamline the process and also as an internal reference for all future treasurers

-Add a couple accounts to our finances to increase the granularity of our finances. I inquired about this last year and the AMS office said to not use the irrelevant accounts for a year, and then they could be removed from the record - following through on this is really my main motivation for running.

Vote Ho, not No.


VP Academic

Sharada Balaji

Hi Fizz, 

Over the last term, I enjoyed being on exec as co-secretary and getting to know about how Fizz runs. I would like to continue to contribute (even more)...this time as VP Academic! So let me take on this role and provide you with services including the Seminar Series, Fizz Tutoring, and Grad School Info Night, by voting for me!



VP Events

Michael Ip

Hey! My name is Michael Ip and I'm a fourth year Fizzer - those that know me, know me as SUPER AWESOME. I'm usually around the project lab talking about random stuff and playing silly music. I make it a point to get to know all the fizzers around - and I think I can put my social activity to use as VP Events! 


I actually plan to team up with the Sports Rep to get things going - LONGBOAT, GLADIATOR, STORM THE WALL! I also plan to have a few LAN parties going (Minecraft, LoL anyone?), as well as some cross-program parties...Let's make next year crazy awesome! Of course, there will be Philosoraptor, the Annual FIZZ Party, which I plan to make off the hook!


Among all the quantum physics, partial differential equations, and electrodynamics, I'll make sure we'll have a SUPER year next year with all the events we'll have. Yes, Fizz is awesome, and let get it going eh


Computer Overlord

Kevin Venalainen

Board of Studies – EECE

Jannicke Pearkes

Hi my name is Jannicke Pearkes and I am running to be your Board of Studies Representative. As your Board of Studies Representative I will be there to make sure that your concerns about courses are heard during Beef and Pizza and addressed during the departmental curriculum reviews. I also promise that there will be no shortage of Pizza!!! So please, vote for me. Thank you!



Board of Studies – MECH

Amit Anand


Sports Representative

Lucas Cahill

My name is Lucas Cahill and I am in fourth year fizz. I am running for sports rep because I think that sports are an important part of faculty pride and I would like to create the best opportunities for Fizz students to become part of a sports team. My previous experience in sport management include being Eng Phys sports rep in 2012, planning sporting events, coaching volleyball and lacrosse teams and forming teams for and competing in REC events such as Day of the long boat, intramural volleyball and Storm the Wall. Besides coaching and managing events, I’ve played many sports competitively (basketball, volleyball, soccer, hockey, rugby and lacrosse) and am passionate about encouraging others to become involved. I would be a strong candidate for this position because I am experienced in sport management, knowledgeable in REC events and am dedicated to creating a stronger Fizz sporting presence.



Pop God

Jordan Karyanto

So I heard that no one really wants to be a pop god.
Well, I have a car, drink quite a lot, and go grocery shop everyday. And if it means that by simply helping out to stock the foods and drink in the penhouse get me the key to access the building, I don't see why not. Since it seems to be a win-win situation, I will do it :)



Penthouse Manager

Reid Nielson

I would like to become penthouse manager to help keep the penthouse in a clean and operable condition. I am in the penthouse 6 days a week and would make sure things are clean and free of broken furniture. I will also clean out the glass room on the south side as well as try to find new couches.


short and clear, dont know what else to add :P