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Seminar Series 3: Dr. Andre Marziali

posted Oct 26, 2014, 8:19 PM by VP Academic
Come to the third seminar this term! Dr. Marziali will be talking about a new technology to detect and monitor cancer. This will be in HENN 318 at 4pm on Wednesday (October 29th). There will be snacks too!


We have invented a new method for enrichment and detection of DNA originating from tumor cells, that is accurate and sensitive enough to detect single molecules of tumor DNA in a patient's blood sample. This technology provides an opportunity for a simple blood test that would screen individuals for early signs of a broad range of cancers. In addition, it could be used to monitor cancer following surgery or during chemotherapy to reveal in real time whether the disease has been eradicated or whether it is responding to treatment.


We present the underlying technology, as well as technical and clinical data on its performance, and implications for changes in clinical treatment and detection of cancer.