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Seminar Series 2: Dr. Joanna Karczmarek

posted Oct 5, 2014, 7:50 PM by VP Academic
Come out to the second lecture of the Seminar Series! Dr. Joanna Karczmarek will be speaking on Unification, Path Integrals, Renormalization and the Quantization of Gravity. This will be in Hennings 318 on Wednesday, October 15th at 4pm.
Here's the abstract:
In this lecture, I will explain why physics is not a finished theory yet: the paradigms of Quantum Mechanics and Gravity need to be reconciled. This reconciliation could be thought of as the last step in a long chain of unifications, starting with Einstein's theory of Special Relativity. I will explain what happens when Quantum Mechanics is reconciled with Special Relativity, and why reconciling Quantum Mechanics with General Relativity (gravity) is a much more difficult problem.