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Seminar Series 1: Dr. Ingrid Stairs

posted Sep 20, 2014, 8:58 PM by VP Academic

Come out to the first of the Seminar Series of the year! The speaker is Dr. Ingrid Stairs, talking about Radio Pulsars.
When/Where: HENN 318, Tuesday (September 23rd) at 3:30pm

Here's the abstract-
Radio pulsars are the cores of massive stars that have undergone
supernova explosions. With one-and-a-half times the mass of
our Sun compressed down to the size of a city, and magnetic fields
many times stronger than that of the Earth, they represent an
extreme environment that we can't replicate in a lab on Earth.
But lighthouse-like radio "pulses" that we detect each time a pulsar
spins allow us to learn about the composition of these bizarre objects,
the history of stellar evolution and the structure of our Galaxy, 
carry out precise tests of Einstein's theory of General Relativity
and someday soon likely make a direct detection of gravitational
radiation. This talk will show how we observe these fascinating objects 
and explore this wide range of scientific areas.