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Fizz Elections - Presidential Candidate Statement & Voting Information

posted Mar 16, 2010, 4:54 PM by President UBCFizz   [ updated Mar 16, 2010, 5:24 PM ]

Elections for Fizz President for  the upcoming year will be taking place this FRIDAY MARCH 19th!


You can vote at the end of class in PHYS 304, PHYS 350 or PHYS 403 by paper ballot. You can also come to the Penthouse and vote between 12pm-4pm by paper ballot.




Electronic votes will also be accepted on March 19th from 12am – 5pm. *See Electronic Ballot Format Below*


Our Candidate for Fizz President is Dan Came, and here is his spew for President:

“Hey Fizzers,
I'm Dan Came, and I want to be your Fizz President next year. I've been involved with the Fizz Exec since I came to UBC; first as 2nd year Co-Rep with Joey, and then as Fizz Treasurer. Before that, I had been involved in running other organizations. If elected President, I intend to strike a balance between providing strong leadership and giving the other Exec members the support they need to do their jobs as they see best. Fizz works best as a group, coming together to accomplish more than we can alone, and I intend to encourage that. This also includes all of you!

In the coming year, I intend to build on the current year's successes; increasing our presence in the EUS and expanding our academic events such as the Seminar Series. I feel that our current exec has been doing a great job, but there is always room for improvement. If you have any ideas I strongly encourage you to run for a position, talk to an exec, or come to our meetings and be heard. Your input is the most important tool we use to make our decisions throughout the year.

Thanks for your consideration, and don't forget to vote!”


Electronic Ballot Format: (copy and paste into your email ballot – You MUST include your Name, Student Number, and Year)

Instructions: Keep your choice, erase the other. Email to elections@ubcfizz.com


President: Dan Came OR No




Also remember – you can still run for a fizz executive position (descriptions at http://www.ubcfizz.com/fizz-exec-positions), emailelections@ubcfizz.com with a 200 word statement about why you are the best candidate by March 19th! All position are open for nominations now except for president and 2nd year rep.