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Fizz Tutoring and Textbook Exchange

posted Sep 9, 2011, 7:58 AM by President UBCFizz
Hi Fizzers,

We're excited to bring you several opportunities to tutor other students and earn some side money! These include: Fizz Individual Tutors List, Fizz Tutoring (at the end of both winter terms), and EUS Tutoring. If you're interested in any of these wonderful opportunities, please email vpacademic@ubcfizz.com!

Fizz Individual Tutors List

This is a list of tutors that goes up on Fizz's site (https://sites.google.com/a/ubcfizz.com/www/tutoring/one-on-one-tutoring). You set your price, your schedule, and the courses you tutor. We post it on our site and help you connect with students that need help!

Fizz Tutoring (PHYS 153 and PHYS 170 finals review session)

Want to make some money while teaching something you're awesome at? If you are, you'll be interested in Fizz Tutoring, a finals review session for first-years in PHYS 153 and PHYS 170. Come make up some hard questions or teach a room full of kids eager to learn!

EUS Tutoring

The EUS is looking for volunteers to tutor, individually and in sessions. They'll be doing PHYS 153 and PHYS 170 midterm review sessions this year, among other subjects. For more info, please see http://www.ubcengineers.ca/services/tutoring/.

FIZZ Textbook Exchange

If you're interested in selling textbooks to other Fizzers, or finding a Fizzer that may be able to help you get a cheaper book for the Fall term, look no further: