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Fizz Movie Night #3

posted Nov 9, 2009, 1:46 PM by President UBCFizz
What: UP

Date and Time: 6-9pm, Friday, November 13th

Location: Hennings 201

Food and Beverage: $5 for 1 can of pop and all-you-can-eat pizza  (Please prepare exact change if possible, thanks!)

Movie Details: The most recent Pixar animated film follows Carl Fredricksen's life as he meets and marries Ellie. When time passes, Carl decides to fulfill his promise to Ellie and his childhood dream to travel to Paradise Falls as an explorer. This film carries the essence of Pixar films, which are highly entertaining yet brings depth, meanings and emotions to the audience. This is a must watch. (We will also show one of the Pixar short films in the beginning!) 

See you there!