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Fizz Elections - Nominations for President Open!

posted Mar 8, 2010, 1:09 PM by President UBCFizz
Hey Fizz,

Fizz election time has arrived! 

The first order of business is to elect a fearless new Fizz President who will be able to successfully navigate the bureaucratic nature of UBC and represent our interests to the PHAS Department, Faculty, EUS, Industry, and Alumni. For a more complete description of his or her duties, see here: http://www.ubcfizz.com/fizz-exec-positions

If you are interested in running for this position, please submit a 200 word statement - it can include things about yourself, your experience, your goals for the upcoming year, or anything else you deem relevant. This statement is to be emailed to our elections administrator, Marianne Black, at elections@ubcfizz.com by FRIDAY, MARCH 12 at 11:59pm

President elections will occur on Friday, March 19th. Nominations for the other positions will open in a week - more information to come soon.

Questions? Direct them to the Elections Administrator!