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Fizz Elections - Nominations for Executive Positions Open

posted Mar 14, 2010, 12:11 PM by President UBCFizz

Hey Fizz,


Fizz election time has arrived! 


If you are interested in running for a fizz executive position (all positions listed at the bottom), please submit a 200 word statement - it can include things about yourself, your experience, your goals for the upcoming year, or anything else you deem relevant. This statement is to be emailed to elections@ubcfizz.com by FRIDAY, MARCH 19th at 11:59pm


President elections will occur on Friday, March 19th (nominations closed) and elections for all other executive positions will be on Friday, March 26th.


The following positions are available (full descriptions here):



Vice-President Academic

Vice-President Events

Grad Representative

4th Year Representative

3rd Year Representative


Board of Studies MECH/MESC Representative

Board of Studies EECE/CPSC Representative

Sports Representative

Penthouse Manager

Computer Administrator

Pop God