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Fizz Election Results!

posted Mar 14, 2009, 5:10 PM by 3rd Year Representative   [ updated Mar 15, 2009, 12:14 PM ]
Hey everyone,

Here are the results of the Fizz election from yesterday:

VP Academic: Dorian Gangloff (Term 1), Laz Milovanovic (Term 2)

VP Events: Colin Delaney

Treasurer: Dan Came

Secretary: Marianne Black

Grad Rep: Abhishek Barnwal

4th Year Rep: Graham Gold

3rd Year Rep: votes did not meet quorum, by-election ongoing

Board of Studies Rep (EECE/CPSC): Philip Edgcumbe (Term 1), Gurpal Bisra (Term 2)

Board of Studies Rep (MECH/MESC): Colin Delaney

Computer Administrator: Wei Kee Teoh & Aaron Lau (shared position)

Penthouse Rep: Dan Came

Sports Rep: Ben Versteeg

The only contested position in the election, the computer administrator, ended in a tie! Therefore, we have decided for Wei Kee and Aaron to share the position, which will be beneficial for all of Fizz! Stay tuned for more details regarding improvements to the Fizz website!

Thanks to everyone that voted! I look forward to working for you as your president for next year!

Nick Sertic