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Fizz Clothing - ORDER NOW!

posted Mar 16, 2009, 11:35 PM by 3rd Year Representative
Hey everyone,

The clothing design contest has ended, and the winning submissions have been selected. Congrats to Amira Eltony and Wei Kee Teoh!

Clothing order forms are now available here: http://www.ubcfizz.com/clothing. We will be offering t-shirts, golf shirts, and pullover hoodies for sale. The prices for t-shirts will be in the $10-15 range, while golf shirts will be in the $20-25, and hoodies will be in the $35-40 range.

There are separate order forms for t-shirts, golf shirts, and hoodies. Please note that you will have to complete X number of clothing order forms if you want X articles of clothing. Also, note that you can only choose a specific design for the t-shirts. You can pick one of the new designs, or, if demand is high enough, some of the old designs. There will be only one logo available for the golf shirts and hoodies, as shown on the website. We will send out a general email as soon as the clothing has arrived, so you can know when to pick up your order! All this information can be found in detail on the website listed above.

If you have any questions, please email Gurpal Bisra: gbisra@interchange.ubc.ca

- Nick