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Fizz By-Election Spews

posted Nov 23, 2009, 12:29 PM by President UBCFizz   [ updated Nov 25, 2009, 8:30 PM ]
Elections will be held this Thursday, November 26th at the Fizz Annual General Meeting. For more information about this event, please see here.

VP Academic:

Dorian Gangloff & Amira Eltony (Co-Candidates):
Greetings Fizzers!

We have been your acting VP Academics since September and have brought you our famed Seminar Series, 2nd year Mentoring and our upcoming Fizz Tutoring. We're keen on pursuing our current job next term with more exciting seminars, the Grad School Info Night, and possibly some software training. We hope to get your vote of confidence!

George Sterling:
I would like to run for the position of VP academic to assist with the management of professional development of fizzers in a way which highlights the skills, interests, talents and continuous development of everyone in the program. As well as continuing to promote, develop and assist with ongoing activities, such as the Academic Seminar Series (which would benefit from additional diversity in talks from specific math profs and profs/others involved with nano-photonics and other nano-scale research), The Technical Career Fair, The Graduate School Info Night, Second-year Mentoring, and First-year tutoring, I propose to enhance the undergraduate experience further by implementing occasional tutorial sessions directed towards the development of hands-on engineering skills. Many students in the program would like to improve their practical engineering skills beyond what they have learned in project classes; however, due to time constraints, are unable to join extracurricular activities or teams or pursue personal projects. I propose to implement a series of short tutorial sessions where fizzers can come in and in a short period of time (<3hours), design, build and test a relatively small scale device under the guidance of an “expert” who has previously constructed the device. An example of a simple electrical device one could build in such a tutorial is a VLF (very low frequency) receiver which requires very few components and can be used to listen to “whistlers” or the dispersive effects of the Earth’s ionosphere to lightning half a globe away. These small scale projects could also include, but is not limited to mechanical solutions to problems or the design of interesting algorithms (ie. genetic algorithms for the use in creating artwork or DSP algorithms such as hough transforms).

Sports Representative:

Steve Epp:
I hereby nominate myself (Steve Epp) for the position of sports representative.  I believe that I am a good candidate, as I am currently the captain of the ultimate team.  This duty involves communicating with UBC Rec (a rather disorderly bunch).  I am also a member of FC Lagrangian, the Fizz soccer team.  As Sports representative, I would like to see continued interest in sporting events by fizzers, and fill our teams with win. For an anual event I would like to set up a go-carting day, or perhaps paintball. 

Evan Hohert:
I want to be involved because sports are awesome and we need to develop a strong Fizz involvement in the ubc REC league. I also look forward to planning as many outtings as I can for Fizz (ski trip, curling, bungee jumping). I also will fulfil those annoying bureaucratic requirements of the position. Go Fizz!

Patrick Wong:
My name is Patrick Wong, and I am interested in being the Sports Representative. I am already quite involved with sports, being a competitive figure skater, training 5 days per week. Having this athleticism combined with leadership skills acquired throughout highschool and taking up many leadership roles on campus (SLC, VPS Emerging Leaders, leadership workshops, etc.), I believe a will be a suitable candidate to organize and communicate various recreation events within Fizz. 

Pop God:

Martin Pajchel:
Why I would like to run: I hope to run for 4th year rep when Il have the chance and I feel that getting the pop god position is a good way of getting to know how the exec is operating.
What I plan to achieve: I would like to achieve a steady supply of the freezed goods, as they seem to run out faster, and as I can easily make runs living on campus.

Carl Lamb:
Potent Potables make for potent students. Better assent management is key. We have the technology. We can do it!