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*Fizz Beef and Pizza, Hennings 304, Thursday Nov 27th, 12:30-1:30*

posted Nov 18, 2008, 11:12 PM by Board of Studies
Come out and join Dr. Marziali, Dorian, Philip, Daniel (Fizz Board of Studies Reps) and your fellow Fizzer classmates to discuss the Fizz program.

This is an opportunity for you to bring up any beefs you have with the curriculum - any comments, complaints, suggestions for improvement, etc. - and to entice you to come out, we will be providing free pizza.  

This is the best chance to voice any concerns you have, as the things brought up for discussion during the Beef & Pizza are heard by Dr. Marziali (who will be in attendance), as well as being brought up during the Board of Studies meetings.  The suggestions in the past have helped to shape Fizz to what it is today. So please come out and help make Fizz even better in the future.  

For those of you away on co-op right now, we will be holding a Beef & Pizza next semester; but for many of the second-years who might be away from campus next semester, this is the main opportunity to bring up any concerns or suggestions. 

And if you can't make it for Thursday, just send Philip (pedgcumbe@gmail.com) or Daniel (daniel.been@gmail.com), and we can bring up any concerns you have.

If you can only drop by for part of the time, that's alright - after all, you can't go wrong with free pizza. 

Note: You must RSVP to pedgcumbe@gmail.com for guaranteed pizza.  Extra pizza will be ordered for those that show up on the day of.  However, students that RSVP get first dibs at the pizza.