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Fizz Annual General Meeting Rescheduled Next Week!

posted Oct 20, 2010, 10:18 AM by Fizz Computer Administrator   [ updated Oct 20, 2010, 3:17 PM ]
The AGM will be between 4-5PM in Neville Scarfe 201 (SCRF 201).
We'll be electing a Treasurer, presenting the new constitution to be ratified, and giving a presentation on what the Fizz Exec has been doing and plans to do for the year. Be there for FREE PIZZA!

Treasurer Elections

Here are the spews for the candidates for treasurer:

Koko Yu:
Hey, fizzers. It's Koko. I was doing some admin work for Snowbots last summer, so I am comfortable with doing a treasurer's work (this time for my student body). My timetable tells me that I will have plenty of time to hang out at the penthouse. Yes, Koko is going to be around! Vote me.

Adrian McNeil, Arnold Ip and Joey Lopez:

Adrian and Arnold: First Term - Hey everyone, Arnold and Adrian are second year fizzers. We running for treasurer for first semester. Why will we do a good job? Well there are two of us, which means it's an easy workload, one of us is almost always at the penthouse if you need to get in touch and neither of us steal anything. Vote for us!

Joey: Second Term - Hey all! So-- if these other two guys win, they're gonna need a person to man the second term. Well, luckily I'll be back from an out-of-province co-op and shall be here to fill in for them. So... vote for us! I've also been red sales manager in the past as well as a fizz year rep for two consecutive years. I can handle money provided that fizz doesn't eat all our souls.

Updated Constitution

At the meeting you will vote on whether or not you want to ratify the changes to the constitution. The constitution is attached below. All of the proposed changes are highlighted in yellow. Please take a look at it if you can!

Fizz Computer Administrator,
Oct 20, 2010, 3:17 PM