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EECE Curriculum Review and Report - Call for Volunteers

posted Nov 8, 2010, 1:32 AM by President UBCFizz
This is a call for two or three EECE option students who will volunteer 5-7 hours over the next six weeks to undertake an EECE curriculum review.  Please email Philip at eece@ubcfizz.com if you are interested.  The goal is to prepare a report that outlines the EECE option curriculum and topics covered.  The report will be submitted to Dr. Marziali who will use it in future curriculum decisions.  This is a great chance for senior Fizzers to volunteer, review what we've learned over our degree, and have a lasting impact on the program.

The task of the EECE curriculum review committee will be to prepare a report that includes:
- Syllabi, reading, homework assignments and past exams of the EECE option core courses and popular elective courses.  
- Identification of major themes covered, redundancies and missing key topics.  
- Suggestions on how to improve the curriculum.

We will meet two or three times to outline what we need to do, split up the tasks and finally prepare the report.  This project does not have a hard deadline because the next Board of Studies meeting is not until September 2011.  We may decide to extend the completion date if we extend the scope of the project or if the committee members are too busy.