2nd Year Elections

These are the spews for the students running for the 2nd year rep position for 2010-2011. Please vote at noon on Thursday Sept. 23rd during your coop session.

Eddy Wu
Hello! My name is Eddy. I am 1.86m and have a mass of 68kg. I enjoy long walks on the beach at an average speed of 1.5 m/s. The momentum I carry while briskly walking, if transferred through an inelastic collision, is enough to set a motorcycle moving at 0.70m/s.
The fastest speed I’ve ever achieved unassisted by a machine was 8.0m/s for 12 seconds while sprinting in a track race back in grade 12. Whilst running a 1600m race last year, I burnt 7 Calories, had a max heart rate of 199, and almost induced vomit.

The fastest I’ve ever been on a human powered vehicle was 21m/s. This was descending Seymour Mountain on my road bike. Finally, the fastest I’ve ever gone was 62m/s in a Nissan GTR during a stock car race. As you can tell, I like to go fast. My life is about getting things done quickly and efficiently. Therefore, you can expect from me, if I am elected as your 2nd year fizz rep, to be prompt with information, tickets, and calculations on speed. I promise I will take this position seriously and dedicate what’s left of my free time ensuring the liaison between the other years of fizz.

Feel free to approach me with a hi-five or a hello. I am normally a pleasant chap, unless of course, I was attacked by velociraptors on my way to school. Then I might be in a grumpy mood. Otherwise, I’m always elated to see adamant individuals focused on improving not only themselves, but also the people around them

Dominic Tong
Hey Fizz! I'm Dominic Tong, and I'd love to be your second year rep! We're all here because we relish the challenge of the work we're about to do, but I know we're not all about that. We're here to meet more people like ourselves, passionate about the change we can make, to have fun, and to make memories that we won't forget. As your second year rep, I'd help be a part of that, telling you what we as Fizz are doing, what social events you could come to if you can manage the time, and what academic events Fizz Society are running.
So why me? I'm currently the Social Coordinator for an AMS club, and we've just held a BBQ for all current students and alumni, having over 50 people come out and enjoy burgers and a sunny afternoon. I'm sure this would translate to Fizz Society, where I can hopefully plan some awesome memories in the Penthouse. I know how to effectively communicate events and ideas, both to you and back to Fizz Exec. I've been involved with the UBC Land Use Plan discussions that have been happening over the summer, and learning to communicate the ideas and concepts of the University to interested students, and to give feedback from these students to the University. Being a part of these Land Use Plan discussions has enhanced my ability to communicate Fizz events and happenings to you!
Give me a vote, and I promise we'll make the opening year of Fizz as memorable as we can make it!

Adrian McNeill
Hi everyone. My name is Adrian McNeill. I, strangely enough, am in second year Fizz and running for second year rep. I'm hoping to get elected because I'm approachable, friendly, and I like working on councils and getting things done. I've done work similar work in both high school and during my first year at UBC. I check my email compulsively so if you have any questions I'll hear about them right away. I'm not afraid to approach the Fizz council with your questions and will do my best to make this year go as easily as possible for you. I'm always around, I'm either at the Cheeze or the Penthouse from 8AM till 7PM almost everyday. I'll do the work so you don't have to. (Call me crazy, but I like being busy) That's is all. =) 

Vincent Chu
Hello fellow fizzers,
I believe that I am a good candidate for the second year rep position because I have had experience with similar positions in the past.  When I was a UBC business student, I was the class liaison for both my financial accounting and organizational behaviour class.  As a class liaison, I acted as a conduit of discussion between first years and the Commerce Undergraduate Society.  I gave weekly announcements and was also the go-to person for people with issues with the commerce undergraduate society.  
In the past, I have also volunteered for several children’s summer camps as an instructor.  I have been a teaching assistant for HTML, cycling and more.   Consequently, I have become very good listener from that experience.   I will listen intently to whatever concerns you may have.  
I am reliable and I am not afraid to speak up on your behalf.  I will serve you to the best of my ability.  Please vote for me as your engineering physics second year representative.

Tanya Roussy
Hi everyone;

My name is Tanya Roussy and I would like to represent you this year to the Fizz Executive.  My goal is to ensure that no-one is the victim of draconian injustice or a general bad time, and to make sure that each and every one of you has a voice in our Fizz community!  I have excellent written and verbal communication skills, and I just love to communicate (insert “women” joke here).  I would be receptive to all of your comments no matter how trivial or unexpected, and would relentlessly pursue your best interests (as defined by you) throughout the school year.  As for me, I am a few years older than the rest of you because I took a few years off after high school to pursue a competitive snowboarding career.  Along the way, I got a Sommelier Diploma (a diploma in Wine), traveled to the southern Hemisphere in search of endless winter and had a ripping good time.  I love music and literature and consider myself an amateur-at-best artist and shower singer.  I grew up in the beautiful Banff National Park and am a die-hard lover of all things natural.  I have always loved math and physics, and I am so stoked to be in Eng Phys!  Please come talk to me if you have questions or just want to meet me, I’m the girl with long brown hair and freckles.
Respectfully yours,